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Fix Scanpst fatal error: 80040900 in Outlook 2003

Outlook users face error messages when their Outlook PST file gets corrupted. There are a number of error messages that users use to face at the time of PST file corruption. One of them is Scanpst fatal error: 80040900. This error message is being faced by users of MS Outlook when the PST file becomes over sized. That means when it crosses its normal size it becomes over sized and makes data inaccessible.

So if you wish that your Outlook works again so that you can access your inaccessible data then you will have to reduce the size of your over sized PST file. And for that you will be required to create some small PST files and divide your entire Outlook data into them. Doing so will reduce the size of your PST file and help Outlook 2003 to function properly again.


Though you can do it manually but manual process requires from you to be technically sound as it a risky process. But this can well be done with the help of PST data recovry software that is capable of fixing over sized PST file issues. It will fix completely Scanpst fatal error: 80040900 and make your Outlook 2003 work properly again.