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Scanpst.exe Not Found in My PC

Are you suffering from the issues of not getting your scanpst.exe tool on your pc? The all intelligence and technology you require is to check the folders for the tool exe executable files. The boot drive with the program files. The program files has the microsoft files that contains the scanpst.exe tools. THe tool is sufficient to repair outlook but the major damages on outlook is not repaired by this tool. So there is always a need to install a third party tool.

The third party tool has got lots of features that requires to be in any tool to be sufficient to repair the outlook and the pst files. The tool should be enough to repair the pst files and should be enough to tackle with all the severe damages on outlook and in pst files. THe pst repair tool has got lots of features for the users. Let us check it's few errors that is very helpful for the users:

  • Recovers mailbox includes emails, attachments and contacts, notes, journal, calender recovery.
  • Accidentally or intentionally deleted pst files are recovered
  • Supports all type of format of data.
  • Support all type of Outlook Versions.
  • Selective recovery, Oversized data recovery is also possible with Outlook 2007 repair tool software features
  • Easy to access, a complete solution. You get regular software updates.
  • Splits large pst files into small pst files. Avoids chance of oversized file corruptions.

This tool runs on all system onfigurations and all the operating systems. The interface is very good and user friendly.