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Outlook 2010 Scanpst Exe Missing in My PC

Microsoft outlook 2010 scanpst exe missing is a very common report error. This happens when either the executable file is missing or the user could not find it cause of it's tipical location in the system. So in order to get out of the mess let us clear out few facts about it. There are few points that can clarify that truths and facts about scanpst and outlook recovery mentioned as below:

  • The scanpst.exe file exists in the microsoft folder/program files, present in the boot drive.
  • If in case not found the executable file scanpst.exe might be missing.
  • The solution to outlook 2010 scanpst exe missing is to download an outlook tool externaly, it is valid for all the versions of outlook.
  • The outlook pst repair tool is capable enought o repair pst files, as well as to recover outlook mailbox too.
  • The outlook pst repair tool is also good at preventing future errors on outlook after it solves the errors

The outlook 2010 scanpst exe missing error is not a hurdle for the tool but it might be possible that scanpst would not do it. As scanpst is good to repair outlook errors but it is difficult that scanpst could be said to be good enough to repair outlook errors whether big or small. THe major damages and data corruptions are not repaired by the scanpst. THe uncommon errors are only corrected by the third party tool outlook pst repair.