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Outlook 2010 Scanpst Not Responding Issues

The outlook 2010 scanpst not responding is a common issue that relates to all the versions of outlook. Microsoft provides scanpst.exe that is a default outlook tool gets installed along with it. The all versions of outlook is when installed an inbuilt scanpst is installed with it. However the tool is good at repairing the pst file errors but it is found not enough good to tackle with all the uncommon outlook minor and severe damages, errors. So there are lots of issues are faced as outlook 2010 scanpst not responding error or so. To get this issue solved there could be few manual and automatic methods possible. Let us understand all of them here:

There are few steps that coulld be tried out manualy here that might get the issue outlook 2010 scanpst not reponding solved on outlook. The steps could be understood as below:

  • Restart the outlook and refresh it a few times or restart your PC
  • Scan computer for threats or scan the microsoft folder
  • Try to scan and repair pst file on another PC
  • Reinstall outlook
  • Download scanpst again for your outlook version and according to your system configurations

The above manual steps are not easy. It seems to over in lines but takes a lot of effort and time. This might cause a delay at your work. So to a all over permanent solution comes the automatic method. The automatic method could be understood as below:

  • Download the automatic tool from here or from any site you want.
  • Then install it on your PC
  • Launch and find, select your pst files to scan and fix it
  • As soon as you select the pst file you will get a few proceedings when your pst files will be repaired and outlook will be recovered.
  • This tool also prevents future errors on outlook.